martes, 17 de marzo de 2009

androgynous LOOK

Jean-Paul Paula: 23 años
modelo/estilista/diseñador/performer/editor de Mykro Magazine
Vive en Amsterdam
Poseedor de un estilo ejemplar, único y andrógino.
Encontré esta entrevista que le hicieron y que quiero compartir con ustedes para que conozcan más a este fascinante chico.

What’s your fashion philosophy? “I don’t dress to appeal to a possible partner. I dress to impress myself! A few years ago I promised myself to try out every clothing style that appealed to me, whether it be goth, punk or dandy. I bought what I liked, made certain looks work for me, and thus found a way to dress that I could call ‘me.’”
First foray into the feminine realm: “I took the easy way, I guess. I started with parts of an outfit and then I found problems finding what I wanted in my size, so I bought women’s clothes because they fit better. I guess the shoes were the last touch. I started wearing them about two years ago.”

Why go gal? “I think men tend to buy some items that are originally made for women because they can’t find them made for men. A nice Chanel jacket, for example. It’s only since men started buying them that they are being made especially for men. But even then in a very much different fit. And since we started using makeup, why not have a good bag, too? Be it a clutch or shopper.”

Spring obsessions: “I’m a big fan of the spring/summer collection of Juun J. I would like the corset Alexander McQueen showed in his last collection, and I wouldn’t mind getting the whole 11th look with it, to be honest. I would love to have the jacket of the 11th look of Balenciaga. Gareth Pugh tights and heels, if Beyoncé doesn’t use ‘em all up before I get to have a look at them. A pair of leather pants from Givenchy, and again I wouldn’t mind to have the whole 32nd look. Also, the Gianfranco Ferré shirts and dresses are to die for.”

Who is killing it these days? “Sonny Groo and Majid Karrouch — my best friends, my colleagues, my inspiration.”

Which male celebrity on the scene could use a touch of the androgyne? “Vincent Gallo, Thom Browne, Marc Jacobs and Rick Owens. They would look genius in a pair of heels!

Style icon: “Is Grace Jones too easy? I remember as a child seeing her in “A View to a Kill,” and being horrified. But she looked so amazingly beautiful in that movie.”

Buy or borrow? “Up until now I have always bought. I prefer it that I way, I like to own what I wear. But I’m not shy, and I wouldn’t mind to borrow.”

Which women’s designer is really making collections that are fit for boys? “It depends on the collection, but Ann Demeulemeester, Balenciaga, Jill Sander, Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent. It’s a pretty broad group with diverse designs for powerful women. But I can pull off most of their looks.”

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