domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

The Search

Este es el escrito con el que estoy participando en la competición The Light World Tour, trata sobre donde me llevaría el Tour si gano la competencia y lo que siento sobre la luz.

My ideal Light World Tour will take me to find light in the most unusual places, I´ll go to Bali, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Florence, Copenhague, Stockholm, New York, Brazil and Australia. I´ll document and share my experiences throug muy blog and facebook so people can live this trip with me and be part of this search of the perfect lighting.

I would draw my inspirations on my little black sheets notebook but mostly I would capture light with my camera that would be my main tool.

I am the best person to travel the world because I love to find light when is integrated into the architecture and nature, I like to see light in environments that follow a continuous motion, enjoyable and highly flexible. I like to recognize and observe light in its own space.

For me light is necessary to recreate just about every position. Light should flow, and placed where desired. Must establish a relationship with the people that uses and lives.

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